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So, here is a mini tutorial to help you out in figuring out how to work with the Home Chefs platform. Don’t get intimidated – it’s really easy! It just looks complicated at first.

Below you will find several easy steps to follow if you want to become a chef on our platform and start selling your meals.

We have even recorded mini videos (1-2 minutes) for the trickier steps, so you can be sure you got it all right!


1. Register on our platform

You can do so here. Here you will find the option to register as a customer or as a chef. If you’ve set up your mind for the latter, skip to this step instead.

The registration process as a chef is pretty simple and straightforward. We ask some general questions, like name, location and contacts. 

After that you create your store with us! You can choose your store name, profile pic and cover photo. 


2. Get around and meet the dashboard

Once you register, you will be able to log in the platform as a Chef. You will then be able to see your Chef Dashboard, which looks like this:


3. Get your first subscription to our platform

In the admin dashboard head over to Subscriptions and choose the plan that you would like to subscribe to. 

Please note all three plans start off with a FREE period of either a month or two.  

Once you choose your plan you can go ahead and create your first meal for sale!


4. Create your first meal!

You’re now ready to start rolling your sleeves and get down to cooking! 

Get over to Products in the admin dashboard and create your first meal for sale.


5. Orders

From orders you can track the orders you have received and manage them. 

You can add Order notes to the customer or even change the Delivery Time of the Order. Any updates to the order will be automatically emailed the customer. So we got you covered!


6. Settings

From the Settings option in the dashboard you can go ahead and set up your Store details, The Payment preferences and  Delivery Time options. 

You can also connect your social profiles and even add some store SEO


7. Delivery time

From the Delivery time section in your restaurant dashboard you can choose what days you delivery, what is your opening and closing time for deliveries and even define time slots for deliveries! Isn’t that useful? 


8. Payments

We’re at the most important point, right? Payments is the part of the dashboard where you will define where you will withdraw the money you earned 💲 on  Home Chefs. 

For your convenience we have integrated the most popular and secure payment gateways. These are PayPal, Stripe  and good old banking transfers. 

To connect your PayPal account you only need to put the email you registered the PayPal account with.

For banking transactions the fields are pretty much self-explanatory and you have to insert Bank name, IBAN, BIC, SWIFT, etc… 

For Stripe you want to create an account with them, which is totally free. We highly recommend to all our chefs that they create a Stripe account. Why? Because this will enable you to receive credit and debit card payments for your meals securely. In addition, it will also allow you to receive payments through the popular Dutch payment system iDeal

After you have created and activated your Stripe account, just click connect from the Home Chefs dashboard and your on board! 

8.1 Connecting Stripe
8.2 Creating a Stripe account


9. Explore and have fun

Now that you have covered the basics of the admin dashboard you can go ahead and enjoy what you do best – cooking. Feel free to explore the platform, write some blog posts from the dashboard and see what your fellow chefs do!

If you have any questions get in touch with us right away!