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Who we are

We are a group of Bulgarian friends spread around Europe, united by our love for good food and positive memories! Committed to transparency, accountability and driven by the shared values of quality for everyone, no matter the social status or situation one finds himself in. Even though our team has different backgrounds, whether in Hospitality, Software Development or Engineering, we all share the same passion. We are on a mission to spread positivity, good will and health amongst people.

What a better way to do that than with homemade food?

This is how Home Chefs was born, an online platform where people can share authentic, homemade, fresh and healthy dishes with their local community. Not to forget that we strongly support the statement do ”Good to feel Good”, which is why we decided to undertake initiatives that would make the less fortunate experience happiness. 

Join our food movement by contributing to the local community, support small businesses as well as charitable causes.

The Concept

Home Chefs is an innovative platform that gives its users the opportunity to donate, sell and/or buy culinary dishes in their local area. It enables amateur cooks and professional chefs to share their passion for cooking with the rest of the society.


Home Chefs is here to facilitate your dream! We offer you the possibility to run your own business without having to pay the traditional costs of opening a restaurant! Not only that but with the money you pay to buy or sell delicious homemade dishes, you directly contribute to charitable causes in Bulgaria & The Netherlands. Our main priority is to donate food to people in need, elderly people and children in childcare. Who said healthy food is expensive? We will make our utmost to prove that wrong. All our meals will be prepared with love, passion and quality local ingredients that will have all the necessary nutrients to sustain the human body.

Home Chefs

By buying a meal for yourself, you give to others!


To become the best platform that enables people to fulfil their deepest culinary dreams and desires in the comfort of their homes. By building a conscious community of actively healthy and creative people.


To fully satisfy our users by creating a digital platform where amateur cooks and professional chefs can sell, buy or donate food locally as well as contribute to important causes in the EU.


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Our main goal is to promote the UN ‘sustainable development goal’ and the goal of ‘responsible consumption and production’ by providing people with a platform where they can share their delicacies with locals and help those in need.


Did you know that the expensive eat out restaurants and the fast-food movement significantly reduced the habit and joy of homemade meals. It is shocking to acknowledge that some kids have never tasted a homemade dish. Why?

Because eating out is considered faster, easier, and more convenient, no need to clean up and most importantly no leftovers!

What if we tell you that we found a way where you can enjoy homemade meals every day? You can start growing your own business, if you like cooking and being creative in the kitchen this would be the perfect full-time or part-time job. Now this is a reality you can become your own boss, as Home Chefs offers you the stage to perform, show and sell your best recipes. Invite your father, mother, siblings or friends and become the star of your own business.

Even better, if you are not into cooking, feel a bit lazy or really miss your grandmas’ chicken soup, we offer you the chance to buy it and receive not only the best homemade meal in town, but also know that you did one good act today, as all of the money you pay will go directly to someone in need.

This is why we created the company Home Chefs:

One homemade meal a day keeps sadness away.

We initiate joy and happiness by creating a significant positive impact in the world!

Our Partners

we partner with:

How can we help? Offer us a cause; tell us about a person in need or simply show us a cause that we can forward some of our donations to. “Something so little for us means the world to someone else”, let’s do it together!

*Note: We will try to help as many people as possible and provide you with live updates on where your money are going. 


Choose the menu you are most comfortable with.

Plan your own schedule and opening hours.

Option 1: Order/Take your meal/Grade your chef.

Option 2: Accept order/Prepare meal/ Sell or Donate your meal.

Allows you to become a creative magician in the kitchen.

Gain popularity from your dishes by opening your own virtual restaurant.

You don’t need to pay any costs associated to a restaurant.

With locally sourced products and ingredients.

Feel a sense of pride and fulfillment. 

As a Chef YOU:
As a Foodie YOU:

Core values

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Good health and well-being

Sustainable cities and communities

Responsible consumption and production

Home Chefs is a concept created to fight against food waste while reducing hunger. This platform aims to reduce global food waste, which is estimated to be around 1.3 billion tones each year, which is equivalent to one third of all foods produced for consumption.

Wasting food when there are people dying from starvation? Something we have all heard, but seem to forget about, right?!

Sustainability is moving together with Home Chefs, on a mission to reduce costs and provide earth friendly services. The Home Chefs Platform will be accessible to the professional culinary chefs as well as the amateur cooks. This flexible and home working environment will promote the idea of cities and communities becoming more sustainable as well as bring local communities closer together.

Home Chefs created a marketplace platform that enables circularity and contributes to the mission of reducing global food waste and hunger (UNSDG2).

Part of the money gathered from commissions and subscription fees, as well as money donated via the online platform goes directly to causes, we believe are fundamental to supporting the mentioned UNSDG’s. 

In case you have an idea of causes that support these UNSDG’s please CONTACT US.

Giving back to others is at the essence of becoming a happier and healthier individual, this helps you heal and connect with your soul. Home Chefs is here to evoke all the good memories associated with food and positive experiences. So do not hesitate share your memory by tagging us on INSTAGRAM.



The quality of dishes and the high standards of hygiene while preparing your delicious meals in the kitchen is of the utmost importance for Home Chefs. All our chefs are required to undergo a preliminary food hygiene training and obtain:

Do you need assistance ? We will guide you through the process.

At the end of the quick course you will know more about:

Frequently Asked Questions


You can only order from cooks/chefs that are less than 4 km away. Home Chefs would like to make sure that you can enjoy a high-quality meal, whether this would be a hot meal or a cold mouth-melting appetizer.

Home Chefs payments can be done online via Debit or Credit Card. Home Chefs uses PayPal, Stripe and iDeal to ensure data privacy and smooth
protected transactions.

All amateur cooks and professional chefs are encouraged to list allergens for their recipes and handle them with care. Furthermore, you would be able to contact the chef directly via our chat box to ask him some additional information about the dish.

Register as a customer –> Type you location in the GPS track field  –>Select a section from the food menu–> Choose your favourite Home made recipe–> Order –> Pay –>Wait for the food to arrive or Pickup from the Cook/Chef.